The purpose of traveling to Georgia is so diverse and the different as we, humans. We have already learned the price of time and how to use it productively . Properly selected and pleasurable vacation will invigorate and leave you ineffaceable impressions throughout your life. We're traveling once, in fact three times in one journey: Primarily, in dreams, then in reality, and last in memories. The memories and feelings associated with us, won't tarnish with time.


10 reasons why you should visit Georgia

First Reason


          Georgia is a piece of paradise, On this land ravishing nature, sea and mountains, national reserves and parks, ancient monuments of history and spiritual culture, world famous resorts, mineral springs and many others.
           Georgia – the land given by God with wonderful vacation spots and picturesque nature. Here are a lot of churches, monasteries, national parks and reserves, karst caves with traces of dinosaurs, remarkable architectural and historical objects, health resorts and sanatoria with mineral springs..


Second Reason 

          Georgia-is a wonderful side. Many forest, river and lake. It's soil keeps a lot of secrets. One of them was solved on 5 August 2005. Preeminently, in Dmanisi had been discovered prehistoric of human remains, the greatest sensational discovery of palaeoanthropology in recent years. Dmanisi homonids, which age acounts about 1 million 800 thousand years, were descendants of African tribes. These descendants came to Georgia and multiplied throughout Europe and Asia. Well-known known anthropologists do such conclusions.


Third reason

          Georgia-is the side, where exists two worlds: "underground" and "overground". For millions years nature was working to create underground masterpieces. This is a karst cave Sataplia where the dinosaur footprint is discovered, Prometheus cave in the area of Tskaltubo. It's name is associated to the legendary antique hero Prometheus, which, as Legend says, was chained to the mountains of this region. Caverns' atmosphere can be compare to underground tale. You should see that and feel it in reality


Fourth reason

          Georgia – is an amazing area where nature has used water as a magic instrument. That transformed this wonderful region into the world of fantastic canyons: Martvili, Okatse, Dashbash.   lakes : Mtsvane, Paravani, Abudelauri.  Waterfalls : kinchkha, Makhuntseti, Gveleti and others...


Fifth reason

          Georgia – is a mountainous part of its unique plant and animal world. This is a 4500 species of floral plant, ancient elements of flora, relic and endemic plants: rhododendron caucasicum, buxus, cherry laurel, diospyros and others. Fauna is quite diverse. There are more than 11 thousand species of invertebrates, 84 kinds of freshwater fish, 12 kinds of amphibious, 52 kinds of reptiles, 109 kinds of mammals. One of their family members may be familiar with the Batumi Dolphinarium, which is an unforgettable pleasure.

Sixth reason

          Georgia – is a part of the protected areas. This is a 14 state reserve, 9 national park, 17 separate, 14 natural monuments and 2 protected landscapes. The total area of protected areas are 511,1 thousand hectares, or 7% of the territory of the country. Approximately 75% of protected areas are covered by forest.



Seventh reason

          Georgia– Georgia is a contrasting climate zone that fascinates the experienced tourist. During your visit to Georgia in about two days you can reach four seasons of the year:Snow peaks, fog, rain and snowy mountain, freshly raised green grass and spring flowers in piedmont and finally, hot summer's evergreen palms on the Black Sea coast.

In the winter especially desirable the world's famous resorts: Gudauri and Bakuriani, where are the complexity of different lines with comfortable hotels.

In the summer the hospitable Black Sea resorts invite you: Batumi, Kobuleti, Ureki, Gonio, Kvariati, Sarpi.


Eighth reason

          Georgia –  is the oldest part, where many historical and cultural monuments are located. The richest cultural heritage of the people accumulated over the centuries is kept in the National Museum, one of the largest cultural-educational centers in the world (over 1 million 500 thousand exhibits).

          Tbilisi - the capital of Georgia, the city which history counts more than 1500 years. There are equal rights and appropriate respect for any other religion. Here is an example of the tolerance of the Abanotubani, the region where the Georgian Orthodox, Catholic, Gregorian churches, mosques and synagogues operate side by side.You can spend unforgettable hours in the streets of old town during a walk, discover the mysterious places and the wonderful cuisine, enjoy the magnificent panorama, if you get to the ancient fortress Narikala.

          Mtskheta - is the oldest capital of Georgia, city-musum in the open air. The spiritual center of the country (Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Jvari Monastery), part of which is icluded in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.The City-cave Uplistsikhe (1000years AD) Vardzia monastery complex (1156-1202) the cave town, Kutaisi-the oldest capital of Kolkheti and Imereti kingdom.

          Borjomi-city-resort, which is located in the Mtkvari valley, is known for its mineral water. There are more than 200 historical monuments in Borjomi Gorge, a special place among them holds the royal family of Romanovani, which was built at the end of the 18th century.

          The Gonio-Apsaros fortress (I century AD) Rome, and later the Byzantine Empire citadel, located to the south of Batumi, 12 kilometre distance, near the Turkish border. It is a real paradise for lovers of historical and cultural heritage.

          Gelati monastery - Church of Religious and Cultural Life, Cathedral Residence From the second half of the XVI century until 1814, the World Heritage which was built by David IV Aghmashenebeli in 1106.


Ninth reason

          Precisely from here comes unique colour, the variety of different traditions, the richest folklore, the most delicious cuisine, the unique wine, the endless warmth and hospitality.Georgia is a part, which includes the ethnic lands of Kakheti, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Imereti, Guria, Adjara, Samegrelo, Racha, Svaneti, Khevsureti, Tusheti and Pshavi. 



Tenth reason

                                                                          What in our life is most memorable?                                                                             Impression, emotions, beauty. Georgia is a miniature continent. Everything is close here, everything is for the soul. Some several steps takes a chance to see something new. As if Georgia is designed specifically, so it was desirable for guests. The sparkle of optimism from perfect leisure pushes you to visit repeatedly this area full of with natural cohesion and human warmth.



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