Travel to Svaneti - The "Country" of mountains and towers.

Price: From 110 $
Duration: 2 Days
Travel to Svaneti - The "Country" of mountains and towers.
Travel to Svaneti -  The

Route: Batumi-Zugdidi-Mestia-ushguli

Visit Dadiani House Museum, there are stored National rare items of Georgian culture. Among them is the Golden Antique Mask, an icon of Queen Tamar's mother (XII), one of the Napoleon's mask, Tagiloni treasure's inventory (the first millennium BC) visit the Dam of Enguri HPP, traveling to Svaneti(Ushguli), which is included in UNESCO World Heritage sites list. Svaneti is located In the central part of the main Caucasian Range. Svaneti is the most mountinious part of Georgia, where live Svans. Historian Strabo wrote that "Svans" are the most fearless and courageous people in the world. Travelling to cultural-historical monument Ushguli. Archaeological museum, Visit the Summer and Winter towers of the Queen Tamar. Historical and cultural monuments of Mestia. View "cliff tiger's" famous alpinist L.khergiani's and ethnographic museums of Svaneti. Back to Batumi.

Duration: 2 days
Price for one person in case of 10 people group 110 $ payment in national currency at the rate



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