Information about Adjara

          Adjara is one of the most popular and beautiful place in Georgia. Located in the north-western part, Black Sea side. As an autonomous republic, it has its own flag and coat of arms. the south is bordered by Turkey.
Batumi, known as "Black Sea Pearl" is located in Adjara, which was constructed by European architects in the 20s and is a symbol of many archeological innovations today.
The tourists are especially attracted by the nature of Adjara, which is presented in different climatic zones and has preserved primary look.


1.The coast of Adjara
          Except the Batumi beach, there are also Sarpi, Gonio, Tsikhisdziri, Green Cape and Kobuleti seaside which host many tourists and provide unforgettable vacation. Together with modern multifunctional infrastructure, Batumi shores are distinguished with special microclimate.


2.Old Batumi
          According to historical sources, Batumi was founded before AD. The original settlement of Batumi was "Batus", which is referred to as "Bathus" until about IV century AD. Interesting historical past directly has affected to the historic wealth of the city (very little project was accomplished here during in the Porto-Franco period) and also about its formation, as popular tourist and port city, as Communist and in Post Communist period . The old historic part of the Batumi comprises area between marine station and boulevard. This part of town construction is characterized by a small number of floors, various facades and sea side balconies.


3.Batumi boulevard
          The seaside boulevard founding starts from 1881 and for its devlopment has been a great contribution to the well-known German gardeners Resler and Reim, also French Mikhail Dolphons. In recent years, the territory of Batumi Boulevard has been significantly increased and is currently 7 km. On the Boulevard coastline is located: cafe-lounges, restaurants, bungalows, children's attractions. Boulevard is decorated with modern paintings and sculptures that make this place a great attraction for tourists.


4.Botanical garden
          The Batumi Botanical Garden, one of the most luxurious botanical garden in the world, was founded in 1912 by Andrei Krasnov, a well-known physical geographer. The garden's florist wealth is located on 11 hectares, 9 units: East Asia, North America, New Zealand, South America, Himalayan, Mexico, Australia, Mediterranean sea and wet subtropics of Transcaucasia. Botanical garden can be visited as by a walk, as well by an electric car.


5. Dolphinarium
          In the 6 May Park's teritory is located Dolphinarium, which has been one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city for over a long time. "6 May Park" is one of the oldest parks in Georgia, which constructuin started in 1881. In addition to dolphinarium, there are park aquarium, zoo and children's attractions. You can not even go out of the park if you do not have a lake trip at least once.


6.Batumi Piazza
          "Piazza" is one of the most beautiful square in Batumi. Piazza complex combines several: hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars, and it has the status of a fun factor. There was held concerts by such as world class stars like Placido Domingo, Sting, Michel Legan, Tamar Gverdtsiteli, Macy Gray, Chris Bot and others.


7.The rope-way "Argo”
          Cultural-entertainment center "Argo" is 250 meters high from the sea level, which is a complex in Batumi, from there you can see: unique panoramas of Batumi, Black Sea and Caucasus Mountains. Complex combines: restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, catwalks, halls and terraces. The design is decorated with the symbol of the "Argo" vessel, with the vessel by which Jason and Argonauts entered in Georgia.


8.Gonio fortress
          12 km south from the city, The Gonio-Apsaros fortress is located on the left bank of Chorokhi. The oldest inhabitants of Georgia were populated on this territory, where subsequently the excavations were discovered the materials of the Hellenistic, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire. The history of the fortress is directly related to the myth of Argonauts, according to which King Aeti buried the body of his son Apsaros, who was killed by a fugitive Jason. According to some sources, one of them 12 apostles is buried here-Matthias. The museum is also functioning in Gonio Fortress.


9. Makhuntseti Waterfall
          The waterfall is located in Keda municipality, 335meters high from the sea level. In Makhuntseti village the high of the waterfall is 50 meters. This is a favorite place for local residents and tourists. Around waterfall is an attractive place for Picnic. Nearby there is located a thorough bridge of "Queen Tamar" and Adjara "Wine House" where you can get acquainted with the specialty of winemaking in Adjara region.


10. Skhalta monastery
          Skhalta monastery is located in the highest mountainous area of Adjara, in Khulo municipality. The main building of Skhalta complex is the Virgin Church. It is a three-dimensional and a hall. The monastery should be constructed in the middle of the XII century with artistic and stylistic features. The frescoes of the monastery are particularly distinguished from the late XIV-XV.


       Short Information about Adjara:

Is an autonomous republic within Georgia
Has its own coat of arms and flag
Administrative Center - Batumi
City Population - 153 000
Area - 2,900 (territory of the country 4,2%)
The length of the common boundaries is 270 km (sea-57 km)
Number of Population - 336037 (82% Georgian)
Official language - Georgian
International code - + 995422
Currency - GEL (GEL)
Time Zone - UTC + 4